The Figs Don't Fall Far From The Tree...

Meet Gram, Shannon and Lori. The three matriarchs that lead The Fig Tree and Company of Jacksonville. Here is their journey:

It all started in 2012 when Lori Watson, a successful local realtor, found The Fig Tree Inn - then functioning as a bed and breakfast - up for sale. She and her husband Tom had been thinking about operating a B&B since 2007 - when he retired - and the opportunity to make their dream a reality couldn't seem more perfect!

After closing the deal in 2013, she surprised the whole family with an announcement: "Guess what? We are now running a bed and breakfast!"

Gram (Lori's mom) jumped right in, taking the reins as the main cook, and Shannon Davis (Lori's daughter) was set to be the "head of housekeeping".

The matriarchs operated the Fig Tree Inn as a B&B throughout 2013, meeting, serving and delighting guests from all over the world.  

By 2014, Lori's commitments in her realty business started to take more of a priority, conflicting with the time spent operating the B&B. To create more balance between life and business, the family then decided to market the Inn as a "whole house" vacation rental for part of the year.

As it turned out, guests were very receptive of that change. So by 2015, The Fig Tree Inn was operating full time as a entire house vacation rental. In addition to that, Lori now also had two other VRBO's on her portfolio - Little Beach House and Pablo Place.

The vacation rental business kept growing steady, until another opportunity came knocking: a beautiful event venue, just steps away from The Fig Tree Inn, was now vacant and available for the next venture!

So, in 2016, with the acquisition of The Fig Room, the company now known as The Fig Tree and Company of Jacksonville, not only offers three outstanding vacation homes in the area, but also a beautiful venue for intimate events.

Lori, with her inherent ability to take care and be considerate of others, runs the VRBO property operations, as well as guest services. She says "my joy is making people happy. I like the feeling I get from going above and beyond their expectations." 

Shannon, with her thoughtfulness and ability to make memorable moments, heads the event planning operations and management of The Fig Room. In her words "My gram, my mom, and I have a very special relationship and I enjoy sharing that with our guests. Putting on events brings me joy. I'm all about details and building happy memories!"

With both thoughtfulness and consideration by her side, Gram is the love thread of the family: a feeling expressed in the kitchen, a tangible love you can taste. Gram's joy is found in cooking the most delicious breakfast/brunches for guests meeting at The Fig Room.

With their beautiful business and strong bond, Lori, Shannon and Gram are once again meeting their calling. Through their family values, they are committed to doing what they love and sharing what they do best: taking care of people and making wonderful memories.